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Alas, a friend of mine believes he can now go on vacation confident that his highly scientific and precise data demonstrate the superior attributes of Windows over the Mac. Unlike my friend, I actually use both platforms. And the difference is really quite astonishing. The Windows experience is many things. A superior experience, however, is not one of those things.

To him I would simply offer this equally scientific conclusion: Windows Sucks.

Carry on.

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  1. Jim MacDonald
    Jim MacDonald says:

    I’ve been a Windows user since V1.0 (a monochrome version that Digital launched on it’s VAXmate over-engineered PC). I lined up at midnight to get Windows 95. I’ve got 6 machines running XP on my home LAN. And I’ve had it.

    Strange, but over the years I’ve learned to “accept” that it crashes for no reason. That it’s OK to have performance decrease proportionally to how long the machine is left on. That it is so open to viruses, spam, and adware that I’ve gladly purchased tools to plug these holes.

    No more. I’m going to apple. Wish me luck…



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