I have a number of Apogee products. I picked up a couple of units about 6 months back: a Big Ben master clock and a Rosetta 200 AD Converter with a Pro Tools X-HD interface.

The Rosetta stopped working after just a few weeks in service. The front panel became unresponsive. When I called Apogee, they thought that the unit needed an EEPROM update. They shipped a new chip via FedEx and I installed the chip. No joy.

Apogee then suggested that I work through the dealer, Saved By Technology, to get a replacement unit. It took a couple of months but one finally came in. I put it into service last week and same result. Unresponsive front panel.

I reviewed the situation with the technical support engineers at Apogee and I mentioned to them that the only component that had not changed was the Pro Tools X-HD interface card (bottom photo).

I removed the HD card today and now the unit works just fine although with no direct connectivity to my Pro Tools rig. Obviously the bad component was the HD card all along.

Not sure how long it will be before a replacement card comes along. It is a bit frustrating to have such expensive equipment sitting idle. Full marks to Apogee though. Really impressed with the customer service of the engineers. Too bad about the U.S./Canadian border. Seems to slow things down when shipping these types of components.

Do they look suspicious?

Rosetta 1

Rosetta 2

Rosetta 3

Rosetta 4

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