PowerPoint is Evil

I always enjoy reading about how to improve my presentation skills. And PowerPoint always seems to come up.

Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely. PowerPoint is evil.

Did Lincoln use PowerPoint to present the Gettysburg Address?

PowerPoint may have caused the Columbia disaster?

Is PowerPoint the devil?

Things that Microsoft does not want you doing with PowerPoint.

Does PowerPoint make you stupid?

And, my personal favourite, and one that I wish lots of people would read, Really Bad PowerPoint.

Evil PowerPoint

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:


    Those are really excellent links! I could not agree more. I am getting so tired of trying to weed messages from the mire (the mire in this case is the sum of the irrelevant pictures, icons and other diagrams found on most slides). In our company, it is indeed pervasive. I know a picture is worth 1000 words but having 10 pictures on a slide does not improve the message.



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