I downloaded a demo of MacJournal yesterday. My intent is to focus a little more time on formal journalling. Although this blog has elements of a journal, there are many things that I will not write about because of the public nature of a blog.

Why journal? I came across this perspective from a Windows-based journalling website:

Journaling is a record of personal progress. I get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as I tick off items on my To-Do list. Journaling increases this feeling of satisfaction because journaling tracks the journey. Whether it’s a photo array of a garden-in-progress or many weeks of weight loss, there is joy in accomplishment, even with the ups and the downs. There’s a sense of, “I’m on my way and I’ll get there!” It serves as inspiration and reflection. In addition, a journal can become part of our collective historical record. The farmer who faithfully recorded land and weather conditions in his journal provided a treasure trove of information for ecologists and meteorologists in the 20th Century. Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks give us a special glimpse into his thoughts and character.

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    It’s amazing to think that for some I’m sure that farmer’s journals were more precious than the thoughts of even Leonardo da Vinci. Of the people I know I think you are one whose thoughts should be found. Enjoy the journaling.


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