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The old and reliable XBOX has been a workhorse. Never an issue after several years of gameplay. The new XBOX 360 died. 2 days after the 90-day warranty ended.

The XBOX 360 permanently damaged our NHL 2K6 game disk and now it freezes and dies immediately upon power up.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of reports of similar issues with the XBOX 360 on the web. Overheating? Defective power supply?

It is now an expensive paperweight. Maybe I should have waited for XBOX 360 service pack 2. Certainly way too expensive to be replacing every 92 days.

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the XBOX 360, but I think that there’s a lot of wisdom in the statement “Maybe I should have waited for XBOX 360 service pack 2.” I often think twice about buying brand new technology, and usually by the time I’m done thinking they’ve released a second edition with most of the bugs worked out. The truth is that they probablly didn’t give it 90 days of testing witht the way they just couldn’t wait to get the product out there.


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