Microsoft Interns

An intern at Microsoft Canada has started an anonymous public blog here. He has uncovered the top secret management strategies of Microsoft:

So here’s a typical day in the life of a director/manager:

  1. Use the word “solutions” over and over again in meetings
  2. Send email all day requesting “information” from their direct reports instead of letting them do their job
  3. Pretend to appear worried and flustered just so that everyone thinks they’re busy

Armed with these secret management strategies, he can become the top executive at Microsoft Canada. Really, aside from those three things, there is nothing else that managers do. I just wish that he hadn’t blogged about it. Now anyone can become a manager. Not just at Microsoft but at any company.

I wonder. Will this intern go back for another work term? Will he continue to blog on his experiences? Will someone actually post a comment on his blog?

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    It amazes me how you find this stuff. You crack me up.

    Interns, now this is a funny site. Two points for the kid trying to do this .. although not that original.

    What he neglects to comment on is the interns themselves .. now that would be a good blog. Someone annonomously commenting on interns, as they run around learning the ropes … making mistakes .. looking overwhelmed about 108% of the time.

    I remember when I was young, how smart I thought I was and how I looked at those older folks with ‘gee whiz, they are so slow .. so cautious .. they are over the hill’.

    I now look back and realize, while full of vigor, I made a lot of mistakes.

    Ahh .. to be young and clueless again. LOL.

    Good post.


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