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As you know, the cult of Mac requires all Apple followers to post pictures of their rigs. You have seen mine posted here. And a good friend of mine, Mr. Mac, sent me a copy of his rig.

He was understandably a bit reluctant to share his home office setup. He has been keeping it a secret for years. He has also kept his role as a part time programmer, working on open source development for FireFox and Linux, a secret. But there are some things that should come out in the open. I am sure his colleagues at work will understand.

Mr Mac

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I got got!

    A good laugh in the morning. As I have always said, if you cannot take it – don’t dish it out!

    A good one .. thank goodness for all those freakish Apple cult people who think pictures of their desktops is cool (Considering there is only one manufacturer and only a few models .. it gets a bit redundant)… or it would have taken forever to find the right angle.

    I belong to the cult of toasters, come to my web site next week to see a picture of mine .. it is quite shiny.

    For the record:

    1. I am not a communist. Therefore I do not, and will not, ever touch Linux. I like to get paid for my work, instead of contributing to open source so companies like IBM and HP can make lots of money off of it.
    2. I think I am rather intelligent. Therefore .. see point 1, I have figured out that work should result in … compensation.
    3. I run a nice 21″ HP LCD, 64bit AMD dual core, (3) 250GB drives, 2GB of RAM and WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER 2005 with IE 7 beta. No firefox here.



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