Speculation about Microsoft as a RIM killer abounds here. And, admittedly, the HP iPAQ hw6900 devices look pretty cool. The hw6940 should arrive sometime this spring.

There are the usual features: phone, e-mail, limited battery life. As well as a veritable pandemic of “i” prefixed features. From the HP website:

  • iTALK: Quad-band GSM technology delivers high quality mobile voice and data services with roaming capabilities across the world.
  • iCONNECT: A variety of integrated wireless technologies, including GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth let you connect and communicate in and away from the office.
  • iFIND: Transform your HP iPAQ into a personal guide to get you where you need to go with the built-in GPS receiver.
  • iWORK: Read and respond to e-mail using powerful solutions that help maintain your businesses’ security. A Mini-SD slot is available to add memory as you need it or to exchange files between your HP iPAQ and another device.
  • iCREATE: The built-in HP Photosmart Camera allows you to take a quick photo and share it wirelessly from your handheld.
  • iPLAY: Your HP iPAQ keeps life fun with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 Mobile to play your music and videos, HP Photosmart Mobile Software to show off your photos, and Windows Mobile games to challenge your mind.


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  1. Jim MacDonald
    Jim MacDonald says:

    iRespond – I’m actively looking for a new smartphone, and I am having a heck of a time finding one with everything I want. Everytime I think I’ve found one, there is ALWAYS one gotcha – ie no camera, an old OS, wrong technology (CMDA instead of GSM/GPRS), no push-mail, etc. Why can’t a manufacturer come out with one that has everything? The HP6940 looked close, until I saw that the display in only 240×240 – which is pretty low by today’s standards, and will be quite low in the summer when this product finally ships.

    Maybe I’m asking too much?



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