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I was asked about my opinion on the Cabinet announcement by the new Conservative party. As a member of the Conservative party, I was very disappointed in the first actions of the new federal government. The experiences of Garth Turner, described at length in his blog here, capture much of what I have been concerned about: politics without integrity.

Garth’s story:

Tory MP drives to Ottawa. MP (and rest of country) surprised at cabinet appointment of defecting Liberal and unelected party organizer. MP”™s constituents react badly. MP blogs and quotes voters. Media scrums MP, who suggests defecting Liberal minister should actually get elected as a Conservative. MP chewed out by party. Chewed out again. And once more.

Garth Turner’s blog is a fascinating look into the perspective of a Conservative MP on the hill. Another reminder as to why I prefer the unedited views of people over the sanitized pages of highly edited newspapers.

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