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I found this great website called Presentation Zen authored by Garr Reynolds. There are a couple of interesting posts. One on the presentation style of Bill Gates and the other which contrasts the visual approach used by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Reynolds’ view is that we can use many of the concepts in Zen and Zen aesthetics to compare their presentation visuals and gain some insight as to how to improve our own visuals. Some great ideas.

And some really amusing differences in presentation styles. Jobs is not afraid to use blank slides as a way to enhance his presentation. And he keeps his arms wide open and his body language is natural. Gates typically uses dense Powerpoints. His body language does not come across the same way. The two pictures convey the difference.



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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I think all those involved in communication should take a page from Steve Job’s book of minimalism. Looking at the Gates backdrop, I wonder if the audience was listening to him or trying to read and decipher all the graphics….

    I think the adage is “less is more”…Rob

  2. cogz designs ceo
    cogz designs ceo says:

    This is clear even in their products. It’s the main difference between apple and microsoft. Microsoft will always try to impress while apple is just clean and neat. I think this is funny


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