My daughter has recently started blogging and, for me, it is a special treat to read about her thoughts on her journey through life. She is creative, thoughtful and wise beyond her years. I learn a lot from my daughter and I am very proud of her.

For better or worse, blogs are hosted on public access networks. And, unfortunately, some people will choose to make rude or hostile comments. And she received such a flame. I can relate to her reaction to the flame. I have received hundreds of them over the years.

I review all the comments that come in to this blog and I keep the comments open. I also publish an email address and I receive a surprising amount of email traffic from people who read this blog. And, for the most part, the interaction is usually very positive.

I do, however, actively moderate comments. There is always an annoying number of comments from spammers and, from time to time, a couple of rude, nasty and hostile comments. I do not publish spam. And rude, nasty and hostile communication is just another class of spam.

Without exception, all of the rude, nasty and hostile comments and emails that this blog has received to date has come from one source: evangelical Christians posting/emailing out of the United States. I sure do feel their love. I wonder what it would be like if I got on their bad side. But then again, they might be learning from this fellow.

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