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Pastor Sal Sberna leads the congregation of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. For whatever reason, the Associated Press carried a story on his recent sermon series on iPod Theology. Sberna hopes to increase his 4,000 member church to over 20,000. And part of his strategy is to appeal to a younger, professional audience.

His iPod Theology appears to be captured in the following excerpt from one of his sermons:

When I go to iTunes, I select all that I want. When I go to Jesus Christ, he gives me all that I need. It’s that simple… Why have you not bought one of these things? These are so cool. They cost a little bit of money, but they are worth the money. Let me tell you something about salvation, it’s free but it’s not cheap.

Deep. A theology that promotes the idea that life is all about what I want and need. It’s that simple.

I don’t think so.


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  1. Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison says:

    If you like, I will send you the entire series of messages Sal Sberna gives on the iPod. Instead of developing your opinion from a single paragragh in an AP story, you may develop a different and more informed one.

  2. Bill Page
    Bill Page says:

    Actually, you can go to themetonline.org/crosstalk or to the iTunes Music Store and download the message(s) right now (be sure to search for CrossTalk). The sermon is truly not about what I want and need.

    Instead Sal is using something relevant to today’s culture and applying the same truths Jesus talked about. Jesus did the very same thing in the Sermon on the Mount. He took examples from everyday life and related those objects into truths about God. Same thing here.

    I truly believe that if you listen to the messages you’ll find there’s a lot of meat and depth. It’s not candy coated Christianity at all.

    I should know, I work at the church. I’m the guy that designed the graphic you post on this site. I wouldn’t have opted to join the staff if they were about candy coating Jesus with plastic and watering down God’s timeless truths.

    It’s the real deal for sure. You’re invited to check it out and test it for yourself! Thanks for posting a comment about the series. It is truly appreciated!

  3. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hello Bill.

    Great job on the graphic!

    I will download the messages and I will give them a listen. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Giles Britton
    Giles Britton says:

    Over a year later I thought you might like a follow-up. In the last year over well over 1,000 people have left the Met, Deacons have resigned, pastors have left or been asked to leave. Pastor Sal has adopted the theme-based seeker focused messages and is well down the path of completing the Purpose Driven Church plan as prescribed by Rick Warren, including marginalizing anyone who questions his decisions. He abandoned the belief that Church is for the believers but is for the seekers. Worship pastor Kent Vincent has fallen for the lie of Contemplative Spirituality. If you want to go to a comfortable place where you don’t need to face the sin in your life and repent, and where you don’t need to grow as a Christian, then the Met is for you. It would be interesting to see if Bill is still at the Met and can honestly say that the direction of the Met is truly biblical. Mind you, he couldn’t say no online because Sal would get rid of him.

  5. Ramsey
    Ramsey says:

    Yep, Bill is still there, doing a fantastic job. If it’s true 1,000 people have left The Met, then 1,000 people have replaced them because from where I stand on stage every Sunday morning, I see three full congregations. I also see over flowing Sunday School classes, a brand new (badly needed) Youth facility full of great teenagers (participating in Kelly Green’s Frontliners Mission this week), and an amazing worship choir that suits the contemporary or traditional worshipper. Sure pastors have left…that happens all the time. I invite you to go to The Met’s website and listen to any of Pastor Sal’s sermons. They are for the believers and the seekers both.


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