Dolby announced Audistry at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas a couple of days ago.

Audistry”™s technology is based on a set of digital audio processing features. From their website:

”¢ Sound Space Expander ”“ This stereo image-widening system can expand the perceived sound ï¬?eld without making it sound unnatural or artiï¬?cial. This is perfect for situations where stereo speakers are located close together as in DVD microsystems, TVs, and PCs. The system also increases the sense of ambience and improves the separation of instruments without diminishing the clarity of vocals and dialogue.
”¢ Sound Space for Headphones ”“ Because headphones are so close to the ear, they are typically unable to create a full, natural sounding environment for the listener. Audistry”™s Sound Space for Headphones takes the sound “out of the head”? in a natural way, making it sound as though the sound was produced from real speakers positioned three-dimensionally in front of the listener.
”¢ Natural Bass ”“ Audistry”™s Natural Bass is a low-frequency feature that enhances the natural characteristics and performance of each audio system, making it possible for speakers to produce a deeper, richer bass response. It does this without distorting the sound or damaging components, and is designed to perform across a wide range of speakers.
”¢ Intelligent Volume Control ”“ Audistry”™s Intelligent Volume Control is a peak limiter and expander, designed to correct for sudden volume changes in music and movies, making it possible for listeners to comfortably enjoy a large dynamic range without needing to make regular volume adjustments. Intelligent Volume Control makes the loud sounds softer and the soft sounds louder.
”¢ Mono-to-Stereo Creator ”“ Audistry”™s Mono-to-Stereo Creator can enhance content such as old classic movies and mono broadcasts. The mono-to-stereo signal converter automatically translates original mono content to a strong stereo signal.Audistry by Dolby will enable people to do more than pick the songs that deï¬?ne their sense of individuality; it will make it possible for them to listen to sound and music exactly how they want to, and in a way that delivers the richest, most personal sound.

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