Eliminate Clutter

Clutter. Weight.

These two challenges seem to get worse as I get older. Clutter gets worse because we accumulate too many things. And I am not talking about consumer goods. I am referring to the relentless barrage of electronic and paper clutter. On the electronic side: tens of thousands of emails, tens of thousands of digital photos, tens of thousands of digital audio files. On the paper side: bills, statements, debit card slips, charge card slips.

Weight is something that I have been able to manage better of late although it is really hard to do over Christmas. Too many big meals.

I used the break over Christmas to purge and organize. My project has been to get all of our digital photos organized. And, as a consequence of moving to a new computer, I also purged and organized most of my digital media. There is still more work to do.

This article describes the challenge in more detail.

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