I think we have concluded all of the tracking for the Mercy Train project that we started last March. Quite the journey. And so, final mixes begin. I will finish up all the editing work, make backups of all the sessions, and then create the baseline sessions for mixing. I will then distribute the release candidate 1 mixes to the producer and artist for feedback on technical components only. What I look for at this stage is the go ahead that basic performances are fine. This would include things like highlighting and correcting any pitch issues, tempo, performance flubs, anything that would distract the listener in terms of faults in the recording.

Once the release candidate 1 mixes are signed off, we work on sounds. Typically this will focus on snare, voice, and guitars and usually drive decisions on what types and strengths of reverbs, delays, and EQ. And with the sounds signed off, the release candidate 2 mixes are signed off. Then comes automation for things like levels, pans, and any special effects. When release candidate 3 mixes are started, I usually have the producer and artist involved in the control room. Once approved, I create the final mixes which get presented as two-track and stem-based high resolution audio files for the mastering house.

Likely mid-February by the time this project gets finished. Almost a year elapsed effort.

Today I will be doing something totally different. A 1-day recording project for my son’s band. Reminds me of the old days of recording. Live off the floor performances tracked and mixed in a day.

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