WordPress 2.0

The upgrade to WordPress 2.0 was completed this morning. Pretty straightforward. I followed the detailed steps outlined here.

First I had to get my web development environment up and running on the Mac. I installed Dreamweaver and Panic’s FTP client Transmit. I have used Dreamweaver for years so there was no learning curve. And Transmit is a very slick and easy to use FTP client.

The only issue that I see right now is that my unordered bullet lists have too many line spaces which is affecting the FireFox and Safari browsers. Looks okay on IE. Something for me to debug.

I thought the blog might have to go down for the morning. I started off by backing up the entire site as well as the MYSQL WordPress database. I followed all the steps to migrate the WordPress platform and within about 15 minutes I had completed the upgrade to WordPress 2.0.

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