Talk To The Hand

My daughter and I went out last Friday to do some last minute Christmas shopping. One of the stops was the local Best Buy.

It was raining pretty hard outside. And, yes, I know I live in Canada, and it is supposed to snow all the time during the winter, but Toronto gets the oddest winters I have ever seen. Arctic blizzards to raining drizzle all within the same week. Oh well.

We noticed that a minivan had stopped in front of one of the handicapped parking spots. Because of the rain, the driver was wanting to let a passenger out relatively close to the doors of the store. Just as he stopped his vehicle, a car that he was blocking started to back out straight into the side of his minivan.

I could see the occupants of the car. An old couple, likely in their late seventies. They were backing out of a handicap parking spot and I guess they hadn’t noticed that our hero had pulled alongside effectively blocking their path.

The driver of the minivan lay on his horn. And the elderly driver stopped his vehicle immediately. However, the driver of the minivan continue to hold the horn for almost a minute after the elderly driver had stopped.

The minivan discharged a female passenger and I am pretty sure I heard her say “Please forgive my husband” to the elderly driver.

And then the driver of the minivan, not content with having blasted the ears of the elderly couple, rolled down the passenger window and started screaming at the elderly driver: “You moron! Don’t you look where you are going?” as well as a string of foul-mouthed comments. Of course he had to yell at this poor, old man for another minute or so.

Talk To The Hand is the name of a book that describes the culture that we have become. A culture of rude and obnoxious people. Fortunately I still come across more polite people than rude people.

However, this minivan driver, a couple of days before Christmas, was compelled to needlessly harass this old man.

Sad, desolate soul.

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