Christmas Eve

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve. Church service at 6pm and then a movie and treats for the evening. We set a fire, dimmed the lights and watched Polar Express.

Our youngest boy was up bright and early this morning. He was so excited as he knew Santa had come. He had left milk and cookies for Santa last night. And, he was quick to point out to me, the cookies and milk were gone and a bunch of presents were now under the tree.

“Conclusive evidence.” I said. “Santa came.”

I hope Santa was good to you as well.

As for me, I have a new Apple for my office. Such a cool machine!


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  1. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Due to the shopping frenzy I did not get much in the way of accessories. The unit comes stock with a rich set of features however I will be adding memory and maybe bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

    I already have an external hard drive so lots of disk. I am using Thunderbird for email and Firefox for browsing. I might have to throw Office for Mac on this machine for portability with all my spreadsheets and powerpoints.


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