Theme Hacking

WordPress Themes are in huge supply. There are hundreds of open source themes across the web. I have found one that I think I like and I am taking some time over the next couple of weeks to fine tune the theme to my liking.

This generally involves hacking away at the CSS code so that things present well: fonts, graphics, boxes. And usually the sidebar and comments section needs work.

I may find myself retreating back to my original layout if I get too lost. Wish me well. You may find that the blog looks, well, different from time to time. I am switching things back and forth as I move the site from test to production.

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  1. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Hey Rod! I just switched my Dreamweaver environment over to the Mac. I have been working on the theme and I use the WordPress presentation manager to switch over to the new one to see how it is looking. Hopefully I will have the new look and feel of the blog up and running in January.


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