For Next Year

Steve Kaye offers the following counsel to those of you involved in corporations and organizations:

As we close out this year many of us are dreaming a bit. Perhaps some of you may be wondering:

What if people . . .

    Called a meeting only when they had a specific goal supported by a detailed agenda?
    Checked with the key participants to help them prepare for the meeting?
    Involved all of the participants in the work during a meeting?
    Obtained results with a team process based on consensus?
    Took responsibility for implementing the decisions made in a meeting?

Could this help a business become more profitable?

What if people . . .

    Helped others express their ideas during a conversation?
    Created a safe environment that facilitated clear thinking and free expression?
    Treated each other with respect in their conversations?
    Listened carefully and completely to what the other person was saying?
    Let others be the star in their conversations?

Could this help people work more efficiently?

What if people . . .

    Understood the goal for a presentation before preparing for it?
    Spoke with key people who would be in the audience to learn about what they hoped to gain from the presentation?
    Rehearsed what they planned to say with a clock (to make sure that they finished on time)?
    Spoke about the audience and their needs instead of about themselves?
    Delivered compelling presentations that informed and inspired others?

Could this help people influence others?

What if people . . .

    Recognized how others preferred to think, work, and communicate?
    Knew their own strengths and how to apply them for maximum benefit?
    Knew their weaknesses and how to manage them?
    Were able to gain cooperation from others?
    Could earn trust and respect from each other?

Could this help people get along with each other?

What if people . . .

    Had a clear, well thought out vision for their future?
    Had a plan for achieving their dreams?
    Knew their values in the order of their importance?
    Used specific thinking systems to figure things out?
    Knew how to cope with changes, surprises, and stress?

Could this help people devote more time to things that mattered?

Of course, you can do all of these things. Because if you do, next year will be absolutely extraordinary.

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