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As Christmas draws near I find myself reflecting on some of the more controversial aspects of the emerging church. If this reflects the dominant thinking of the emergent church, I am not a fan. Carson gives an interesting perspective on the emerging church here.

I tend to share Michael Lee’s view. I mean, who really wants to dress gothic or grunge these days.

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  1. Chad
    Chad says:

    Hey there Richard, cool blog. Props for the Pro Tools references, although I am a Logic guy myself.

    Just wanted to make sure you knew that Mike was being ironic with his post. I don’t know your blogging style well enough to know if you, yourself, are being ironic, so I may be jumping the gun.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Chad
    Chad says:

    Also, thanks for the link to Carson’s article… it’s one of the few thoughtful critiques out there, and worth considering. Most people who have critiques are just interested in throwing bombs.

  3. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    “protools it from the devil”? 🙂

    My Pro Tools rig runs off a Mac. A Mac is from heaven so there is a balance in my studio… from a metaphysical perspective!


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