On Edge

There is a disadvantage to being an audiophile and a videophile. I have to learn to ignore the limitations of various consumer playback devices.

High fidelity audio has given way to low fidelity mp3 players. Video is starting to improve with the introduction of high definition. And yet, video may also go the way of low fidelity with portable players requiring aggressive compression schemes.

The choice of video playback devices is astounding these days: CRT, DLP, RPTV, LCD, EDTV, HDTV, Plasma. Each one suggesting a high resolution viewing experience. Compared to the black and white sets of the past, there is no question that the overall viewing experience has improved. Particularly with high definition source material.

The viewing experience still gets compromised with so-called edge enhancement technology. DVDs are often processed with edge enhancement and television manufacturers will sometimes provide edge enhancement circuitry to “improve” image quality.

The full story on edge enhancement can be found here. A warning though. Once you know what to look for you may find it hard to ignore.

The joy of knowing the difference.

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