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AudiovoxA friend of mine was showing me his latest cell phone. An Audivox PPC6600. No doubt a cool phone. But really, would any self respecting geek carry a Windows Mobile device without a Pokia Mobile Handset? I mean, holding a Windows Mobile device to your ear is quite a challenge. And smearing the screen with the side of your face is arguably a bit repulsive.

The Pokia Mobile Handset has it all. Vintage style. Strong fashion statement. Proven functionality. Consider the following case for the Pokia Mobile Handset:

In a delightful kick against the eternal miniaturisation of our electronics gizmos (which is getting to the stage where soon phones will completely disappear), we were delighted to find possibly the coolest ‘hands-free-only-not’ set in the world. No longer do you need to look like a cast member of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest as you wander down the street talking on some ludicrously compact and near invisible hands-free set. If you’re going to use your mobile, be proud, make a statement, and use this fantastic retro replica bakelite handset – of course you’ll also cut down on your brain-frying. It’s big, it’s clever, and why no-one thought of this before is beyond us. Talking on regular mobiles is really rather a pain, they don’t fit your ear, they barely reach your mouth, most of them are so small it’s like trying to get a grip on jam (and without the fringe benefits), and you can’t hear what people are saying – so you start shouting and everyone hates you. It’s no surprise really, because mobiles just don’t look like phones anymore, so the Phobile is the perfect solution. There’s a whole host of phones it will plug straight into (it has a standard jack plug), but you can also buy it with specific adaptors for your phone – there’s a full and detailed list below. Kick against the ludicrously slick world of technology and get hold of a Phobile, it’s quite the most brilliant hands-free (only not) mobile accessory ever invented.

A Windows mobile phone is incomplete without this critical accessory.

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