Lonestar Special

Santa made a bit of an early stop. I had played through a Lonestar Special when Mesa Boogie first introduced it to the market. This amp just sings.

I pick the Lonestar up tomorrow. I’ll set it up in the studio but things are so busy right now that I likely won’t get a chance to really play it until next week.

So sad.

Although, I could always skip supper tomorrow night. Food is not as important as breaking in a new amp.

Lonestar Special

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  1. AndyB
    AndyB says:

    oh yeah!!! sweet addition Richard! Hey, did u ever audition the short Lonestar head w/the 2×12 o.b. cab? man, it rocks too. I got a Lonestar on my wishlist this year, just added it to the bottom of my list of guitar gear wishes from last year LOL!

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Being a Mesa Boogie player for over 20 years, is there an emoticon available to show someone drooling? I must try it out….off to L and M!


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