Chain Link

A few links today.

Gcast has a quick and easy way for you to begin podcasting. It’s free although ads do support the podcast.

Church has always been about me.

Rumours of a Google calendar about. There is even a live URL to a Google calendar. Coming soon?

Lots of friends here. Wired magazine wrote an article about how this band made a small fortune from their friends.

Perhaps you aspire to musical greatness without spending all that time building technique? Try out your air guitar skills here.

Get a real browser here.

Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows compares the Vista Beta to Mac OS X. No surprises here or here.

Bill Gates doesn’t like iPods. I wonder why?

Become a record producer. It’s easy and you will make tons of money. And it only costs $1,000 to create a world class recording studio. Maybe that’s why Last Beat is having its last beat here.

Maybe it is time for me to rackmount the G5 in the studio.

Definitely time for me to get some new guitar sounds here. Christmas is coming.

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