Houston, We Have A Problem

I am heading down to Houston in a couple of weeks on business. And, for the first time, my oldest son will be joining me on a business trip.

I have extended my hotel stay over the week-end so that we will have a couple of days to explore the great state of Texas. Okay. Maybe not the entire state. But certainly around the city of Houston.

We plan to attend Lakewood Church on the Saturday. Lakewood is a massive church of roughly 30,000 people. It is the largest evangelical church in the United States. There is even a Wikipedia entry for the church here. To get some sense of scale, take a look at the online brochure of their facility.

Only in Texas.


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  1. kbartha
    kbartha says:

    read articles on Lakewood, even seen pics, but never seen this brochure… more than your average stadium seating arrangement. surround sound? tenth of a second delay at the back to keep the echo down? Wow! I’m sure you’ll sniff around the audio visual stuff… I’ll be very curious to hear.


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