Dutch Royalty

Today was a personal day in southern California. We toured three wineries across Napa Valley and Sonoma.

Which, as someone who does not drink, was interesting but not engaging. We took in Cliff Lede as well as Chalk Hill. Both were quite stunning environments.

The stretch limo was a neat way to travel through this region although not very comfortable.

Funny what people will say to you.

“Good morning, sir.” Older Woman
“Good morning.” Me
“Are you dutch royalty?”
“Uh, no.”
“You have to be.”
“Yes, I heard that they flew in last night and that they were going to be visiting this winery. That is why I came here. You must be dutch royalty.”
“It’s the limo, right?”
“And the bodyguards.”
“Oh, I travel with them all the time. It makes me feel safer.”


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