Preaching More Than Words

After church yesterday I found myself thinking about preaching. I have heard some great preachers and I have heard some pretty bad ones.

Mark Twain made an interesting observation about preaching. When I read his words, they had far more impact to me than most of the sermons that I have heard over the past several months.

Our words and acts are not for ourselves but for others. They are like the tidal waves of the seas that encircle the earth. They are heard about us when they are uttered. We are preaching all the time, even if we do not know it. We forget that we carry influence. We ought to remember it, however, and make it a constant reminder. We had better see that our conduct is of a favorable nature.

Preaching and integrity of character must go hand in hand. You cannot do one without the other. And, as a layperson, I have to remember that my own words and actions do matter. Preaching is not about listening. It is about how we conduct ourselves every day.

Such a hard journey, life is.

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