I Love Windows Two

When I got home tonight I decided to tackle the laptop issue again. Operating on only a few hours sleep today, I was anxious to exercise my unparalleled technical problem solving skills.

I had used some time over lunch to research the potential alternatives to address the perplexing and perverse DNS error I was experiencing on the home network.

In brief, I was ready to do battle with Windows.

And I must tell you that engaging in such a battle is not for the faint-hearted. “I must be strong.” I said to myself. “Even if millions of users cannot overcome this problem without reformatting their hard disk and spending several days reloading their apps, I can overcome this issue.”

“I C-A-N D-O T-H-I-S !”

At precisely 6:00:00pm, I docked the laptop. At 6:00:05pm I turned the computer on. At 6:01:30 I was connected to the Internet.

I am a technology GURU! I fixed the issue without even touching the machine. I willed it back to life. Everything worked. You want www.google.com? You got it. You want to access your email through VPN? You got it.

Windows is absolutely amazing. It did not work yesterday but it works today. Did I change anything after the 5 hours or so of debugging last night? No silly. Windows doesn’t respond that way. It works when it wants to work. It’s like the force.

You have to feel the force.

I felt the force and it healed my laptop.

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    This has just absolutely made my day! LOL! I’m going to go show everyone I live with. I’m glad you learned how to trick it into working. 😉


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