More Upgrades

Enjoyed a wonderful long week-end. We had the family together and indulged in a veritable frenzy of feasting. I have been pretty good on the food front of late. Except for this past week-end. And now, I have to pull myself back in line.

I took an extra day off for the long week-end. I used some of the time to get at a few nagging upgrades in the studio. I wanted to attach a Firewire 800 drive to my Pro Tools rig. I picked up a LaCie d2 Extreme drive from the Apple store in Toronto. 250GB, 800 Mbps. Twice as fast as the older Firewire 400 drive. I did a full system and session backup. Now I can rest easier knowing that I can easily do a full system restore in the studio.

I upgraded Pro Tools from 6.7 to 6.9.1 on OS X 10.3.8. These Pro Tools upgrades are frequent and invariably complicated. Fortunately no major issues. The next major upgrade will take place over Christmas. At that time, I will move the rig from Panther to Tiger and jump to the next major release, Pro Tools HD 7, which was just announced this past week.

I needed to redo cable ties under the console. I had to tear them apart when I added some equipment and then when I needed to perform some maintenance on the console. I spent almost 3 hours on cable ties.

The cables sure look neat and tidy now.

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