Last night our church held a session for prayer. We were asked to pray for the upcoming 40 Days of Community as well as for the leadership and future direction of our church.

I do not often have the opportunity to devote an hour of uninterrupted time to prayer. In this fast-paced, secular world we live in, I am challenged to keep my commitment to regular prayer.

There are some prayer sites in Canada. Like this one. A bit of a different approach to a prayer site in the United States can be found here. Only in the United States, eh?

Presidential Prayer Team

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  1. Rod
    Rod says:

    only in America! 🙂 It’s interesting to note that the person attributed with the “separation of church and state” issue the left is so fond of quoting, Thomas Jefferson, went to church 2 days after making the statement… in the capital building — the largest church in America at the time. He never meant for the church to be relegated out of the state… yet that’s what’s happened over and over…

    (Do I sound like a right wing American yet?? ) LOL


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