I was reflecting on the role that leadership plays in the church. And, perhaps more importantly, how leadership engages its volunteers.

This was an interesting perspective from Stephen Dent on leadership:

Growing, dynamic organizations are never led by incompetent leaders. Some businesses can survive weak leaders, but in the end poor leadership saps organizational energy and effectiveness. The chaos and discord that ensues ultimately leads either to a change at the top or to the demise of the enterprise.

Look at any organization. If it’s attracting talented, ethical, creative people who are then encouraged to do their best, give credit to a good leader. If you see those same types of people lacking motivation, being unproductive or even leaving for better opportunities, be assured that poor leadership is to blame.

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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    Very well said, Richard. As my husband and I reflect on the time spent in our church we realized that the only times our family served in the church was when a lay person asked us too. The sad thing is that we have done all that was asked of us to do at our church, but there was so much more we would have liked to have done. (sigh) What we liked most about laypeople that asked us to serve was that they treated us with respect and we felt valued and appreciated. It was a pleasure and a joy to serve. As we depart we can only pray for those left. May someone in leadership realize that each and every person who walks in on Sunday is valuable and has amazing potential. Our prayers are with you!


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