Adrenaline rush.

My life has become a case study for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Things look just as crazy now until Thanksgiving week-end.

Looking back over the past two weeks, I found myself being upset and annoyed. And so I made a list of things that I really enjoyed over the same period of time. A way of balancing my outlook on life.

There was quite a list.

My oldest daughter sent my youngest son a letter. And it was such a nice note. She brought joy into my son’s life with that note and she brought tears to my eyes. What a generous and thoughtful person. What a nice thing for her to do.

My youngest son running out to meet me after work. A massive bear hug. And the sheer joy of knowing that the only thing that mattered to him at that moment was that his dad was finally home.

Spending time with my oldest son. Playing, rehearsing, eating out and taking in a couple of movies. I often think about borrowed time when I spend time with him. My dad died when I was young and there wasn’t much of a relationship. I missed not having a father. And now, as a dad, I enjoy the time that I can spend with my oldest son.

My wife has tried her best to keep the household on an even keel through all this turmoil. She is an amazing person who constantly gives of herself to me and to our family. I probably don’t tell her enough how much this means to me.

There were a number of other things that brought joy into my life. Certainly the studio upgrades are always good for boosting the technology superpower status of the recording facility. Cleaning and prepping a bass guitar for my son. Breaking 80 at Taboo.

And so another learning emerged. When I first started playing golf, I was pretty pathetic. But I would always leave the golf course ecstatic about the one or two really excellent shots I made. When I became a good golfer, I would leave the golf course discouraged about all the bad shots and mishits. I didn’t even take the time to remember the good shots.

I need to take the time to relish the good shots. They make everything else worthwhile.

Adrenaline Rush

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