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The equipment upgrades for the studio finally arrived. The gory details were posted here. I ordered the equipment in July.

The HD|Accel card will really help the mixing activities on the Pro Tools rig. Some of the projects I am working on right now exceed 100 separate audio tracks. And even though the base HD rig is pretty powerful, particularly with the dual proc Apple G5, once you get beyond 64 tracks, the dedicated DSP begins to hiccup.

I picked up the equipment over lunch today. And I will use most of the day on Sunday to install the master word clock, the new AD/DA convertors as well as the Massive Pack 4 upgrade. I must certainly enjoy stress. Nothing is as stressful as making technology changes. So many opportunities for things to go thunk.

I have mixed feelings about the next few days. Lots to do and I hope the various events make a difference. I am playing at a concert tonight and a conference tomorrow. And, in between, I will help out the sound crew during the conference.

I am concerned about the complexity of the audio/visual environment for tomorrow. No dry runs and no real dress rehearsals. And a tight schedule with little time to set/reset the audio environment between acts and speakers.

I hope it all holds together.

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