By The Numbers

I moved my blog to a new hosting service six months ago. And since then there have been 5,000 unique visitors to the site. The blog averages about 45,000 hits a month. Many visitors are regular readers choosing to check in three or four times a week. Thank you for staying with me on the journey.

Another round of busy-ness over the next few days. Rehearsals tonight, performances Friday night and Saturday. Work has also brought its fair share of trials and tribulations. And the annoyances of last evening certainly do not help.

It is a funny thing though. When I volunteer, I do so because I want to serve. And when you get placed into no-win positions, there really is not much else to do but withdraw. And poor communication and organization gets magnified in those situations.

I have to remind myself that, for the most part, volunteers are well intentioned. However, we are in a fallen world where petty politics and game playing permeates all of our lives.

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