The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

We eagerly await the sale of the NFH on one side of our property. However, the for sale sign has not yet gone up.

Over the past few weeks the constant yelling and screaming from that neighbor became acute. So much so that I found myself thinking again that we needed to sell our home and find a saner living environment.

We have had many discussions with them about the noise but I had never registered a letter with them. And so we did a couple of things. We kept a diary of the noise issues. We measured the level of noise. We talked to our other neighbors. And we wrote a letter.

We are writing this letter to ask for your help and your assistance with a noise problem. Our homes are in close proximity to each other. And over the past few years we have experienced a number of incidents where yelling and screaming have impacted our ability to sleep at night.

When we approached you on some of these incidents, you were very responsive. We truly appreciate your considerate and helpful approach.

We need to let you know that noise issues have become very pronounced over the past few weeks. We have kept a diary of the noise incidents and we have also measured the noise levels coming from your backyard.

At the present time we are no longer able to enjoy our backyard due to the noise levels coming from your property. And, sadly, the impact of the noise levels is just as bad inside our home.

We have measured the sound levels of the screaming and yelling coming from your property. The sound levels regularly exceed 95dB. To put the 95dB measure into perspective, continuous screaming enters our home at about the same level as a loud subway train. The constant yelling and screaming has become irritating to the point where it is having a profoundly negative impact on our ability to enjoy our property both inside and outside our home.

Over the past few weeks, the screaming and yelling has persisted for several hours at a time. For example, the screaming and yelling on Sunday continued for over 6 hours. We contacted you at approximately 7:45pm on Sunday evening to ask for your help and you promptly resolved the noise issue.

We live in a shared community and we desire to be considerate of our neighbors. We desire to enjoy our property. We know you share the same desires. We are asking you to control the noise level on your property so that we can enjoy being in our home as well as being in our backyard.

We thank you for your consideration and we thank you in advance for helping to resolve this noise issue.

The letter was delivered yesterday. And what happened? The yelling and the screaming stopped.

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Just simply brilliant. It must have been quite embarassing for them to realize that their screaming could be compared to a loud subway train. I’m glad it helped.


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