Do you ever have one of those days where a compound effect takes place? Where events occur that drive you to a point where you say: “Man, I’ve had enough.” It starts off with one issue here, another issue there and then, before you know it, things just explode.

That happened tonight.

I went to get things set up for a soundcheck this evening. My intent was to make sure that the stage was prepped and that the inputs were all ready to go. I wanted to track all the monitor settings and do a preliminary mix. I was doing this for the sound person that I thought was going to mix on Saturday.

However, this was a group that wanted to bring their own sound tech. I had specifically requested that the sound tech not come. For a couple of reasons. We were hosting a concert and a conference with multiple acts and a full complement of technical support. And too many chiefs in a booth is not a good plan.

For whatever reason my counsel was ignored. And some guy showed up. Input sheets, reference CDs, bla bla. I tried to explain to him that we had all the bases covered but clearly he was not going to be dissuaded.

I was so angered by the situation that I thought it best to leave before I said something inappropriate.

And I am fuming.

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