Secret Weapon

Despite dire predictions of an overloaded fall, I do have a couple of golf adventures remaining in September. Next week I will be playing Taboo.

To get ready for the golfing event I went to Golftown. I knew I needed some equipment to help me face the test of golf at Taboo.

Me: “I’m thinking about getting some golf glasses. How much will they cost?”
GT: “A nice pair of Oakley or Bolle will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.”
Me: “That much?”
GT: “It’s a bargain. Think of what they can do for your game!”
Me: “My game? Golf glasses can improve my game?”
GT: “You will read the subtle breaks in the green far better than ever before. You will be able to comfortably play the fairways in low sun angles, without squinting… and breaks in the green will become so obvious, it’s almost like looking at a topographical map.”
Me: “Really?”
GT: “Absolutely. You’ll shave two or three strokes off your game.”

I bought 3 pairs. That way I’ll get six to nine strokes off my game.


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  1. happyjoe
    happyjoe says:

    A friend of mine in California told me about this cool new tournament thats happening in St Andrews, Scotland next year. Its called the Alumni Cup and its for guys that used to go to US and Canadian colleges. So you get to represent your old college and compete against guys that you may have played against years ago. Its the week before the British Open, so there’s a chance to see that while you’re there.

    Check out the tournament site at I’m getting some of my old college buddies together to go out there. Should be a awesome trip. Hope to see some of you out there.

    Go Aztecs!

  2. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Comment spam. But pretty clever. It avoided my spam filter and the referenced website is clean. And because the comment was about golf, I had to let it pass.


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