Busy, Busy, Busy

Last night I spent some time with my wife to get a handle on all the activities on the go over the next few months.

And I was shocked. In the month of September alone I have 14 performance gigs along with 7 rehearsals. I am remixing and remastering a project. I am tracking another project. And we have a number of other commitments related to community and volunteer work. There is also career, family and personal development. Our kids are back to school and their calendars are also full.

As I reflected on all of the various commitments and activities, I realized that I was about to become busy. Really, really busy.

Effective? Productive? Hard to say. But certainly busy.

Being busy is what happens to me when I forget to think, manage, and plan properly. And I have blundered into the fall hopelessly overcommitted. I literally have no discretionary time during the month of September.

Time is too precious to squander on being busy. Time for me to make some good decisions on where I will spend my time. Effective and productive. Consistent with my personal values. Not busy. Busy is bad. Busy wastes time.

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Keep the Sabbath. Work six days, rest the seventh. There is so much wisdom in that concept that God decided to make it a command. Good luck!

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    Hi Richard!
    I can so relate to you! I decided to take a couple of University courses this fall,
    I also work full-time and we also decided to totally renovate our kitchen the end of September! I have been feeling completely overwhelmed and all I can say is, “WHAT WAS I THINKING????????” Perhaps, we could pray for one another that God give us both wisdom and strength!


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