Coffee or the Internet?

Websense released its Web@Work survey results. This is the sixth annual survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

Websense is in the business of selling web filtering and web security products. Websense claims that over $178 billion in employee productivity is lost annually in the U.S. due to Internet misuse.

Websense sells nannyware for adults. And if an employee is prone to waste time then pulling the plug on Internet access won’t stop that person. They will simply turn to other behaviours such as long lunches, extended telephone calls, or frequent coffee breaks.

Then again, perhaps Internet access is more important than coffee.

When asked if they would rather give up their morning coffee or their ability to use the internet at work for personal reasons, 52% of employees surveyed who use the internet at work for personal reasons said they would rather give up their morning coffee, while 44% said they would give up their internet access.



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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Hello, One does not need the internet to survive at work, coffee on the other hand….

    By the bye. The brand used in your pic would represent the PRS/Les Paul/Strat of coffee all in one.


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