May I Use Your Phone?

My oldest son and I watched Silence of the Lambs a few nights back. The movie was released in 1991. And the lack of technology is amusing: no cell phones, no blackberries, no laptops, no CSI. How did they catch serial killers back then?

You ask to borrow the serial killer’s phone to call for backup.

Of course.

Clarice Starling: Your name is?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: Oh, uh Jack Gordon.
Clarice Starling: Mr. Gordon, good, uh… well Frederica used to work for Mrs. Lippman. Did you know her?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: No, nuh-uh. Oh wait… was she a great big fat person?
Clarice Starling: Yeah she was a big girl, sir.
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: Yeah, I may’ve… no I read about her in the newspaper. Um, Mrs. Lippman had a son though, maybe he could help you. I got his card in here someplace. Do you wanna come in while I look for it?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: Are you close to catching somebody you think?
Clarice Starling: Yes. We may be. Did you… take over this place after Mrs. Lippman died, is that right?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: Yeah I – I bought this house… two years ago.
Clarice Starling: [looking around] Did she leave any records? Any business records, tax forms, lists of employees?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: No, nothin’ like that at all. Say, does the FBI learn somethin? The police around here don’t seem to have the first clue.
[Clarice notices a moth]
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: … I mean have you got like a description, fingerprints, anything like that?
Clarice Starling: No. No I don’t.
[Clarice unbuttons her gun holster]
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: Oh, here’s that number!
Clarice Starling: Very good Mr. Gordon. May I use your phone please?
Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb: [Gumb starts laughing] Sure you can use me phone.
Clarice Starling: [draws her gun] Freeze! Put your hands over your head and turn around! Spread your legs! Spread your legs! Put your hands in the back… thumbs up – FREEZE!
[Gumb runs off]

Silence of the Lambs

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