A Moment To Remember

8-year old son: “Dad?”
Me: “Yes, Son?”
8-year old son: “Can we play that scary game together?”
Me: “Sure.”
8-year old son: “You know what, Dad? You’re the best Dad in the whole wide world!”

With tears in my eyes, I hugged my youngest son. A moment to remember.

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    This is very touching and reminds me of a time my only son was around 5 or 6. One Christmas morning, after opening up (too many) Christmas presents, he exclaimed “…this is the best Christmas in all the land…”. We all had a heartfelt chuckle and this saying soon became a tradition. To this day, both my children, now 18 and 22, not only still remember the phrase, but have repeated it each Christmas morning since.

    I was fortunate to have audio recorded that Christmas 13 years ago and still do each December 25th morning, although the technology is somewhat improved…!

    Recording our Christmas mornings was a tradition started by my Dad in 1963, when I was 6 and I have since now accumulated recordings from 42 years of Christmas mornings. He used and still has to this day a Roberts 1025 reel to reel tape deck. Going down memory lane is a hoot!

    Richard, it is times like this that makes memories last so long. Rob


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