Copper CreekI was invited to a corporate golfing event at Copper Creek yesterday. Generally I have a mixed reaction to these types of events. On the positive side such events are typically held at very nice golf courses. On the negative side such events are typically scramble or best ball formats. Which means every player hits a golf ball and the team picks the best shot and plays that ball.

Many corporate events use a shotgun start and double stack the tees. I have even been part of one event where the organizers had triple stacked some of the tees. That event took over 7 hours to complete a round. No joy in playing that kind of golf.

Since I am on vacation I started to have some doubts about whether I wanted to play in a corporate scramble event. The humidex was going to hit over 40 degrees Celsius. What if the round went 6 or 7 hours? I had already played Copper Creek several times before.

Being a bit obsessed with golf I went anyway. And Copper Creek is a stunning golf course. The organizers kept the tee decks single stacked for the shotgun start. The pace of play was absolutely perfect. I played a corporate scramble event in 4 hours and 10 minutes. What a great day.

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