Living With Chaos

Vacation time. Warm weather. Sun. And for a change I have actually taken time off. Last year I spent my summer vacation mixing two CD projects. Not really a break at all. This year I put off all recording commitments. Except for one tracking session tomorrow.

So how have I spent the time? Mostly with family. A fair amount of golf. And organizing.

Things get so busy that I do not get the chance to catch up on all the chaos. For example: digital photos. I had thousands of digital photos strewn across several computers and on several media types. Unorganized. In certain risk of evaporation in the event of a media failure.

I downloaded Google’s Picasa. A great tool. And I organized all my digital photos. I also ensured that my critical backup and recovery processes now include the digital photos. For additional peace of mind, I made CDRs of the photos as well.

I tackled our personal finances as well as our investment portfolio. The paper files have been purged and organized. My goodness I am an organization machine.

Amazing what a bit of unstructured time can achieve.

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