Sapphire Blue

What a small world.

In talking about reference CDs in an earlier post, Larry Carlton’s recent recording came up. Sapphire Blue was recorded at Sound Kitchen in Nashville.

Sound Kitchen is one of the largest recording facilities in the area. Sound Kitchen has six full service studios in a 19,000 square foot building including the Big Boy studio pictured below.

I did some work in Sound Kitchen many years back.The place has certainly grown since then.

Sound Kitchen

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  1. Matt S
    Matt S says:

    Saphire Blue…that’s gotta be one of my favourite instrumental guitar albums.

    Phil Keaggy’s 220 is really smokin’ too…

    Neal Schon’s new album “i on U” is really interesting as well. He’s signed to Steve Vai’s label, favoured nations. They have an extremely impressive roster, which includes Eric Johnson, Frank Gambale, Stanley Jordan, Al Kooper, Allan Holdsworth, the Yardbirds, and others.

    Heh, I guess that really didn’t have anything to do with the studio…Kinda got off track there 🙂

    See you Saturday!


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