Another Seventy Seven

I had the opportunity to go on course yesterday. And I enjoyed a tremendous round of golf. The back pain issues from last year have flared up only once this season. Without back pain, I can swing and score really well.

The course I played was not a happy memory for me. I had played that course for the first time last summer and I had to bail out after nine holes because of back problems. And it was an embarassing nine holes. I could not swing properly and I could not score.

I demolished the front nine yesterday. I was even par for the first seven holes and wound up plus 2 for the front nine. Another seventy seven for the day. A great day although exceptionally hot and humid. I drank 3 litres of water on the golf course.

One interesting event happened on the third hole. A playing partner elected to putt just off the green without someone attending the pin. The ball came to rest against the pin and it did not go in the hole. The player picked up his ball and considered the stroke as in the hole. I told him that technically the ball was not in the hole. And because he had already picked up his golf ball that he had incurred a penalty stroke. I also advised him that when the pros putt off the green they will generally have the flagstick pulled or at least attended.

Here is the rule:

17-4. Ball Resting Against Flagstick

When the flagstick is in the hole and a player”™s ball when not holed rests against it, the player or another person authorized by him may move or remove the flagstick, and if the ball falls into the hole, the player is deemed to have holed out with his last stroke; otherwise, the ball, if moved, must be placed on the lip of the hole, without penalty.

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