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Tomorrow we begin tracking finish vocals for a project we started in March. Funny, when we initially planned the project, I was hoping that we would be on final mixes before June. Looks like final mixes won’t happen for a few more months yet. The joys of recording.

I’ve been convinced by one of my suppliers to give the Apogee Rosetta a try in the studio. A typical vocal chain for me is a high-quality condenser microphone, connected to a high quality microphone preamp, a bit of compression and, from there, directly to the Analog/Digital (AD) converters into the Digital Audio Workstation.

I use the AD converters within my Pro Tools HD rig. My supplier argues that the Apogee converters are much better and I should notice a significant difference in the quality of the recording. I will be picking up the unit later today on a trial basis.

Which, as my wife can attest, is somewhat risky. On occassion, with such items, the trial basis never ends.


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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    well if they thought it was going to end they wouldn’t lend it to you in the first place. Plus, if it’s worth recommending, then usualy it’s worth purchasing. Think about it as a compensation for the project going over time 🙂


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