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I often highlight examples of “money no object” recording studios. Perhaps a link to a smaller facility is in order.

Gas Station Recording Studios is a small facility located on Toronto Island. The studio certainly has an atmosphere.

Barenaked Ladies and Bruce Cockburn are rumored to have recorded at this studio.

Gas Station

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Alex, a friend of josh and myself is currently dating the neice of the owner of the studio on the island. From what I hear he is a very “artistic” and interesting man. This is reflected in his studio design. I think that maybe you should keep the professional apeal that your studio portrays.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:


    Yeah, ironically enough i know the man who owns that place. well, he owns/ lives there.

    a bit of an eccentric, he rides around in a bus, but the stuff that comes out of there is quality. . . just ask the BNL . . .


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