Moving On

I posted on our challenges with inconsiderate neighbours a few days back. The original post is here.

One neighbour has already sold their house. They move out next month.

Yesterday, as we endured yet another round of screaming and yelling from the other neighbour, I tried to encourage my wife. I assured her that the other neighbour would soon have to sell.

That neighbour is under financial stress. Aside from bill collectors coming to our door asking for their whereabouts, I have noticed other symptoms of financial stress.

Their air conditioning system broke down and they have not repaired or replaced it despite some of the hottest weather on record for the past several weeks. They got into their upscale luxury house on a lottery win. And the odds of lottery winners being able to sustain a high income lifestyle are remote. Lottery winners usually spend all of their winnings and find themselves no further ahead after a few years. These neighbours have no education and no job skills. The only asset is the house. If they need money, they have to sell.

And the final bit of evidence that they need to sell? A high-profile real estate agent just walked out their door. A For Sale sign will soon be on the lot.

Sad to say I am ecstatic with this development. I hope the house sells quickly.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hey, this sounds very interesting. Can you email me your home address so I can look at the soon to be listed home?

    I think we would make great neighbors. I could learn from your sound and music hobby, you could learn about the backyard chinchilla farm that I operate.

    Don’t worry! It is not that noisy and it only smells when it is really hot. Make sure you send that address! Also, how big is the backyard? Enough room for 30 or so cages? They really are a pretty stainless steel (Well, they are pretty when they are clean ….)

  2. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    I constructed an outdoor stage in my backyard with roughly five hundred 2,000 watt power amps.

    The system easily creates 120db plus sound levels.

    The speakers are pointed towards the house next door. Unfortunately, when I tested the system, it blew all the glass out of the windows of the house next door. The neighbours were okay with that since their air conditioner no longer works.

    My wife thinks that part of the reason they continue to yell so much is that I have permanently damaged their hearing.

    You might want to consider some hearing protection for yourself and your chinchillas if you move in.


  3. Steve
    Steve says:

    wow, that sounds like such a terrible thing to say… and then you hear them scream… and then you yourself say something much worse. An answer to prayer I guess. Congradulations team Cleaver on the victory!


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