I’m Rich

I have to share with you my good fortune. I received this email today from Douglas Cooper:


I am contacting you to partner with me in respect of transfer of certain funds, which is being held in a floating account in my organization, Fountain Securities , in Madrid Spain. I am privileged to have full knowledge of the availability of this fund due to my function and position in the organization at present. I have to contact you because it is imperative for me have the cooperation of a foreigner to be able to transfer the fund out of my country.

This fund, was deposited by Mr. George Martins, who died in 1994 without leaving any information of any next of kin to inherit the fund. The account therefore has not been operated since his death.

The total amount involved is Fifteen Million American Dollars. My name is Douglas Morris. I would give the details of the transfer process if I receive your response and am convinced that you are willing and dependable to carry out the transaction with me in absolute confidentiality. We have to establish mutual trust such that it will be glaring to both parties that we could work with open mind. On transfer of the fund into your account, your share would be 35% of the total sum while the rest part would be for me and I intend to invest the major part of my share in your country with your assistance.

I would appreciate if you could respond to me on my more private email:douglasmorris@personal.ro. Kindly state your telephone number so that I could call you too.

I await your response.

Douglas Morris.
Reply to:douglasmorris@personal.ro

Imagine that! Here was my response:


My dear friend. How good of you to contact me. And what a coincidence. I am also looking for someone to partner with me in respect of transfer of certain funds. My funds are being held in a sinking account, Under the Mountain Securities, in Trois Pistoles, Quebec.

I have to find a foreigner to help me extricate the funds. Douglas, you may not believe this, but there is one trillion dollars in this account. Can you imagine? And all I need from you is a certified cheque for 15 million dollars, made out to my name, to move the funds to your personal account.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t delay. Send me the cheque today. Or, better yet, call me at 1-800-URA-LOSER.

I hope he replies soon. You can reply too, if you happen to have 15 million American dollars. By the way I will accept Canadian dollars at par. Today only.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    You had me ROTFL with that one! I am chuckling as I am on my way for lunch…. very clever indeed. This post was from Richard “Clever”, wasn’t it?

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    You know, you ‘clever’ sarcasm may end up costing you a significant amount of money. I would imagine that Douglas is sitting there, this very minute, finger over the ‘ENTER’ button which will beging the transaction from an unnamed bank to your account – forever changing your life – his mind going between ‘It is Richard’s money, he should get it’ and ‘cheeky monkey’.

    You will now never know if it was your sarcasm that killed the deal or if it was a hoax (smile)

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    Did you provide Douglas with the URL to your blog? Until you had the money in your account I would hope you not get too personal with him.

    However, since we’re on the subject…

    I happen to have a late Uncle in South Africa who at this time has over $14MM dollars sitting idle – I am the sole beneficiary. I do need to have it transferred to me, however I can’t afford the fees to have this done legally. In the event you are able to loan me only $100M, I will ensure payment back to you in an amount significantly exceeding this investment….let me know….R

  4. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Well, the deal is done. Douglas wired me the 15 million dollars. And now I have a dilemma. I cannot seem to find the sinking account with the trillion dollars.

    What to do… what to do…


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